Security Web @ZAP day-3

Hi all,

Its been a good experience for me by attending day-3 , the event started by Sumanth Damarla  discussing the previous worksheet which was related to Network Security.

The topics discussed were :

  • Click tracking
  • X-ray frame option
  • Port 80 & Port 443
  • Privilege level
  • Third party API function
  • Blacklisting
  • Whitelisting
  1. Click tracking – The web browsing history refers to the list of web pages a user has visited recently.
  2. X-ray frame option – The X-Frame options like deny, sameorigin and allow through(url) ,  which are methods to prevent the clickjacking attacks
  3. Port 80 and Port 443 –  Port 80 is used for HTTP which is an insecure normal connection and the Port 443 is used for secured connection of HTTP over a Secure sockets layer.
  4. Http & Https – The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol for distributed hypermedia information systems, and it is foundation of data communication for the World Wide Web. Https – it is everywhere a browser like Firefox & Chrome and it is  extension where  it encrypts our communications with many websites, making your browsing more secure.
  5. Privilege level – A privilege level in the x86 instruction it sets the control where the access of program is currently running on the processor to resources such as memory regions and special instructions.
  6. Third party API function –  We can build our own cloud code module and by integrating with third-party APIs.
  7. Blacklisting – Its just a method to ignore the script or data contents where we do not enter into any applications.
  8. Whitelisting – Its just a method of validation where we verify the given input is correct or not.
Sumanth discussing about the work-sheet of day-2..!!

After discussing the work-sheet , the workshop began on to the Securing Web @ZAP day-3

The day-3 was started by sumanth and sudarshan , and then we started Installing ZAP Source on Eclipse IDE and mean while


Sudarshan started describing about OWSAP Summer Code Sprint 2015 by , and it was a bit interesting to contribute and rewards were pretty awesome , and later on sudarshan explain the procedure and working of ZAP source code on Eclipse IDE , for developing purpose. While at installation i learned about ,  how to import built-in libraries and external libraries into the ZAP. After finishing the process of configuration on ZAP Source code on Eclipse IDE  , we had an activity called Snakes and Ladder game.


where all participants took part of it , and we captured few moments..!

and it was my  Counter..!!
and it was my Counter..!!
funny moments at the game..!1

We all had a group pic at end of session…!!10477257_955504424499676_4213013666754364589_o


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