Securing Web @ZAP day-4

Hi all,

Its been a good experience for me by attending day-4 , the event started by Sumanth damarla and Sudarshan discussing the previous worksheet which was related to the concepts of ZAP

By this workshop ,  i came to learn about few things they are :

  • Bodgeit
  • User Interface of ZAP

1.Bodgeit :  The Bodgeit store is a vulnerable  web application , which is currently aimed at people who are new to pen testing .And it has some interesting features where it is easy to install , self contained & cross platform .

11124404_711585045654307_2032970709_nthe Bodgeit store has some significant vulnerabilities :

  • Hidden content
  • Debug code
  • Application logic vulnerabilities
  • SQL injection
  • Cross site Scripting

2.User Interface of ZAP: Under User Interface of ZAP ,  one of the concept is Swing explorer it is used for the concept GUI programming, which is hard and it is a graphical tool , that lets us to inspect the internal structure , where it can help us to understand that how a user interface is composed.


Moreover these topics were discussed by Sumanth damarla and Sudarshan , after discussing these two concepts , and we were taught about Button display code by Sanjay .Then workshop began to hands-on-session by Sumanth , Sudarshan and Sanjay , on Bodjeit store and UI adding tabs.

Sumanth discussing about how to handle Bodgeit.
Discussion about User Interface adding tabs.

By ending Workshop day-4 , we all were much jubilint ,  because we had a superb time in learning new concepts of Securing Web @ZAP


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