Securing Web @ZAP day-5

Hi all,

Its been a good experience for me by attending day-5 , the event started by Sumanth damarla ,Sanjay and Sudarshan discussing about the concepts of ZAP extensions and ZAP extensions into add-ons

ZAP Extensions :

Zap extensions are java packages that extend the existing functionality within OWASP ZAP. This concept could be called the “Extension Mechanism” which provides a standard way to create custom features or API’s to Java applications.


ZAP extensions can be done in five steps :

  1. Download source code and Build ZAP
  2. Create new extension
  3. Define files(s)
  4. Refresh and Run
  5. Add New Libraries

ZAP extensions into add-ons:

Now that we have the example extension ready, you can proceed to make this extension and add on.Any new add on can be considered in the first development stage‘Alpha’ . There are indeed 3 development stages

  • alpha
  • beta
  • final(trunk)

for more details

click: /3/37/GuidelineZAPExtensionsAddOns1.0.pdf

some of the moments were captured at the workshop:11668066_713988288747316_1877141324_n


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