Securing Web @ZAP day-6

Hi all,

Its been a good experience for me by attending day-6 , the event started by Sumanth damarla ,Sanjay and Sudarshan discussing about the concepts of Internationalization-Crowdin .


The Internationalization-Crowdin was described by Sanjay and  it is a localization project management platform and translation tool for developers and website owners. It makes easy to work with content being translated.

Technical documentation:

The technical documentation was described by Sumanth damarla ,  as the part of Internationalization-Crowdin , we all made a task that is , translating English to Hindi ( जैप का नाया रुप !! ) , and it was a good experience for us.

Technical documentation by Sumanth

zap can be translated not only in Hindi but it can be translated in many languages like Japanese and Bosnian.

11713136_715570925255719_1333840732_oBrainstorming session :

After completing technical documentation , we had a  brain storming session by  Sumanth damarla ,Sanjay and Sudarshan  about the previous sessions of ZAP.

Contributors  with new ideas.
Contributors with new ideas.

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