My journey as a #Mozillian

hi all , this blog would describe my journey with open source community, Mozilla !!

On jan 25 2015 , I came across an advertisement mentioning about the Hackathon and I rushed from my home to the venue , and i was alone without a team everyone started coding and for me its first time to attend a hackathon , then I met a guy who was in mozilla T-shirt   and he is mr. Sujith Reddy  then he interacted with me for around 45 minutes and boosted me and later on I was more curious to learn about mozilla and about the communities and sujith explained me in detail and he cleared all my doubts !


then he introduced me to a cool guy Harsha and he taught me the technical stuff and made made me contribute to  mozilla  !!

Being part of Mozilla Hyderabad Community , I learnt a lot of things which made grow like a plant to tree !

Then i starteed contributing to hyderabad mozilla community by organising and volunteering all the events of mozilla in surroundings of hyderabad , there are few memories which I can share to describe my story.


This event was hosted by Akshay and it was all  about Mozilla AppSprint and it was first time for me to make a mobile application and it was executed on firefox flame device and yes it was an awesome moment !


yes !! it was the first event for me to be one of the organisers among six organisers and i was one of the speaker , where i delivered a talk about mozilla .


and after delivering a talk about mozilla it gave me a big boostup to be as a speaker and for the first time  for me to deliver a talk for 80 people


Then here comes the Market Place event where it was first time for me to write code on HTML5 and java script where  Ram Dayal  guided me a lot to execute the code & its anovernight event where many people contributed to open source !!

Then comes the hakathon which was organised by Harsha where he taught us about webmake tools and how to use it and advantages of webmaker tools !


Then comes the most attracted event called Moz Deccan organise by Mozilla Hyderabad Community and this time i was a participant because I was more curious to learn about communities & learnt a lot of things where I developed my self to handle any kind of event to organise and to volunteer  !!


Then comes the most awesome event, Maker party which was organised by Akshay where Akshay and Prasan dutt taught us about making things and it was too attractive for us to learn diffent things !


Here comes the new technology event hosted by santosh and he taught us about the Rust Language and it was a new style of technology for the developers and most of the fsa’s made their contribution in huge count !!


The next big event is all about the Web Maker Application hosted by Santosh and he taught us how to make an application using web maker mobile application and it was quite intresting to develop a project !!


Then here comes the OWASP which was hosted by sumanth   we the mozillians learned a lot about the security  and it was 8 days workshop and we learned many things from this workshop !

11717307_10152998620456769_8169380997886577099_o.jpgand best acive participants from the workshop were  awarded by vineel anna with thw goodies and I was the one among the winners


Then comes the Fox Yeah challange and it was hosted by Akshay and where we shared our experiences on contribution and communities and we celebrated it happily on a weekend at Mozilla Hyderabad Community


Then my next event was WoMoz  where it was hosted by Santosh and I volunteered for it on a beautiful sunday and I was happy helping people and teaching the web which I love it !


Next here comes the Kidzilla where myself and RamRaju organised it beautifully and we taught around 150 kids about mozilla firefox and advantages of browser  and it was supported by few fsa’s at the evnet !


Then comes the mozilla hackathon were myself and Harsha were the organisers and speakers for the event and we taught people about privacy lab and  about mozilla and it was a big experience for me because with no support we made it successful !


yes !! after long time i got an opportunity as a speaker which was hosted by Santosh and were i delivered my talk about Mozilla and Communities for 100 people and it was a memorable memory for me !


Then finally comes the Take Back The Web challange  which was hosted by me in Mozilla Hyderabad Community where i was local coach for 7 weeks to 6 six teams from south india and finally we celebrated the success of the challange !!


Yes !! here comes the entire journey of my life with Mozilla as a Mozillian !!


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